Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zynga buys DrawSomething creator OMGPOP.

Popular social gaming company Zynga has reportedly bought OMGPOP for a speculated price of $200 million.Though the company has denied to reveal the financial info of the deal it has confirmed the buy out. Zynga recently launched their own gaming portal.

Zynga bought OMGPOP which was established in 2006 and is a year older than Zynga. The company has 40 empolyees. It has released 35 games for smartphones. But it became succesful when six weeks ago they launched Draw Smoething.

The game got popular immidiately. Draw Something has seince been downloaded more than 35 Million times. It is the top app in 84 countries according to Apple's App store. Just the downloads are not the only proof of its popularity. Over a billiion drawings have been created since the luanch of the game which shows that people are using it repeatedly.

Zynga had raised $1 billion in its public offering. Zynga had earlier bought Newtoy Inc for $53.3 million.