Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wishtel launches cheap android tabs Ira and Ira Thing

After Datawind and BSNL its time for Mumbai based Wishtel to launch tablets. Wishtel has launched two new 7" tablets called Ira and Ira Thing. Ira is the cheaper one of the two priced at Rs. 4000, while Ira Thing has been priced at Rs. 5500. Though there isn't a great difference between specifications Ira Thing has 4GB of internal storage and a capacitive touch screen against the 2GB internal storage and resistive touchscreen of Ira.

One interesting thing about this tablets is their support for Indian languages. The tablet will support 23 indian languages, a big number indeed. Not only will the UI be available in regional languages, user will also be able to type in regional languages.
Ira Thing

Both the devices will be powered by VIA processor of 800MHz clock speed. there is 256 MB of RAM and 2GB internal storage for the Ira while 256 MB of RAM and 4Gb internal storage for Ira Thing. Both gadgets have Wi-Fi support with 5 Hours of play time(according to official website). Connectivity will also be supported by external 3G modems.

The device will have app to read eBooks in regional languages.

You can order the device through this link.