Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nokia offers premium apps for free to select models.

Nokia India has announced free premium app downloads for select model owners. The models 500, 603 and 701 along with C5-05 and C5-03 will get free games worth Rs. 3850. Buyers will have to send a text message to 55555 to activate the downloads.

Free games are from big companies like EA. The games include titles like FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA tour, Medal of Honor and Need for Speed.

Along with games the company is also offering premium utility apps. Apps like 'message hider' and 'contact hider' and 'Call recorder' will be given for free. Apps for SMS like SMS scheduler and SMS Spam Manager are also on the offering.

Nokia's App store has grown considerably but to keep up with android it has been taking such steps. Nokia Store also known as OVI store has more than 100,000 apps to download. The store has 13 million registered users which makes it one of the biggest markets in India.