Monday, June 4, 2012

Asus Taichi: Laptop/Tablet Hybrid with Dual Screen.

Asus today at Computex 2012 revealed Taichi, a Windows 8 based Laptop with dual screen. Taichi is a device that will bridge the gap between laptops and tablets. With its double sided IPS display, you can use it like a ordinary notebook with the qwerty keypad and track pad and once you close the lid it will transform into a touch enabled tablet. There are two displays place back-to-back, and both can work simultaneously, each providing different content. This means two users can work on different applications at the same time.

The laptop will come with Intel's third gen Ivy Bridge processors. It will have 4 GB of ram and fast SSD hard drives. Taichi will have dual band Wi-Fi. It has many connectivity options such as USB3.0, miniVGA and MicroDVI.

Two models of different screen sizes have been released. One with 11.7 inch display and the other with 13.3 inch display. Both the displays will be able to output a resolution of 1920x1280 pixels.

The price and availability hasn't yet been disclosed.

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