Sunday, June 3, 2012

Acer launches Windows 8 based Aspire S7 ultrabooks.

Acer has revealed a new range of touch enabled Ultrabook. The Acer Aspire S7 series will come with Windows 8 on it. So you will have to for it for at least October, as that is the time when Microsoft will release the final version of the next gen operating system.

Intel had promised a line-up touch enabled ultra-books this year and this seems to be the first one of them. With ultrabooks Intel will try and fight for the PC market share that has been lost to the likes of iPad and other Android tablets. It will also be a test of the new Windows operating
system, which has gained some bad rep during its beta preview.

Acer has revealed two models in the series. One with 13.3 inch display and the other one with 11.6 inch display. One of the eye catching feature is that the display can be folded 180 degree backwards. The launch date and pricing is yet to be disclosed by Acer. But it was said the Ultrabooks will be initially targeted towards the developed market and Acer won't be competing in the low price markets.

With more ultrabooks coming this week at Computex 2012 it will surely be a year of Ultrabooks.