Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Facebook to launch 'App Center'. Says not rival to Google Play or App Store.

Facebook today announced the launch of a centralized app store for its users. According to the blog post Facebook's app center will not be a rival to Google Play or the Apple App Store instead it will be a centralized hub for users to find apps. Facebook will help users find relevant apps according to their 'Facebook behavior'. Once user decides to install a app they will be redirected to Google play or Apple App Store depending on their device. Facebook invited users to submit their apps to the App center.

Every app will have a app detail page which will help user get details of the app. It is necessary to create the app detail page without which the app won't be listed. Facebook invited the developers to create the app detail page adding that priority will be given to pages submitted before May 18th. Facebook will review each page before listing the app.
Of course different guidelines have been setup for submitting apps to the app center. App developers will be able to submit their apps through the Developers App on Facebook.


Facebook will also introduce Paid app on with the App Center. Facebook developers can earn money through in-game sales, but now developers will be allowed to sell their games with a one time flat fee for using a app. This will help different types of apps to come on Facebook.

The App center will be available through web, Facebook app on iOS and Android and through mobile web.

With App Center Facebook will take one more step to grow its Eco-system and the 900 million users will now have one more reason to visit Facebook.