Thursday, May 3, 2012

Samsung unviels Galaxy S III, the iPhone killer?

Samsung today launched its flagship phone the Galaxy S III at an event in London. The first noticeable thing about it was the size of the screen. At 4.8" it is bigger than the iPhone. Galaxy S 3 will run on quad core processor to power the Android OS. The iPhone still runs on a dual core processor. Though all the extra computing power won't go in vain, as Samsung revealed loads of cool feature for the S III.

One of the features that got more attention than the others was S Voice. S voice is Samsung's version of the iPhone Siri. With S voice you can now command your Galaxy with your voice. If your phone is sleep just say "Hi galaxy" to wake it up. It now seems that touch input is a bit old and the future of smartphones and computer input will be your own voice. Now if you want to sleep a bit late than usual
you don't have to sit up and press snooze you can just tell the galaxy that you want to sleep a bit more. With S voice you can control music volume, shoot pictures and even make phone calls.

Galaxy S 3 will have HD SuperAMOLED display to make video watching on the 4.8 inch display a real pleasure. With a resolution of 1280x720 pixel images will be sharper and reading a ebook will be easier. The AMOLED screen is composed of Pentile matrix, that means every pixel on the screen will either be combination of Red-Green or Blue-Green instead of the regular RGB.

The specs of Galaxy S 3 are not bad either. It will run on a Quad-Core 1.4GHz Exynos 4 processor. It will also have a dedicated GPU. Galaxy S 3 will a 8 Mega Pixel rear camera with Flash and a 1.9 MP camera at the front. Galaxy S III will have 1 GB of RAM to support multitasking and will come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB options of storage. You can even expand it further upto 64GB.

Galaxy has loads of connectivity options as well. It will come with NFC which Samsung has named S Beam. With S Beam you can touch the back of the pone with other device to send and receive files. Samsung Galaxy S III will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. Samsung will first ship the phone with 3G and later with 4G LTE for specific countries.

The phone is slated to go on sale on May 29 in Europe and will launch in Summer in the US.