Thursday, May 10, 2012

The 'new' Bing with Facebook and twitter makes Google look Old.

Microsoft revamps Bing search engine.

Microsoft have done a major update to its search engine Bing. The 'new' Bing will have three columns, a wide left column, a small middle one and a gray column to the right. Now the grey sidebar is the interesting one. If you have been using Google while signed in a Google account you must have noticed Google shows results that your friends have '+1'nd. Now Microsoft have gone a step further and integrated Facebook, twitter and blogs in their search results. They
have also included G+ in their search results. The gray bar has shows what your friends like and it will also show you their tweets about your search query.

The Gray Bar

The gray bar will not just show the feeds from your friends but also from relevant people to the query. So don't be surprised if Mark Zuckerburg's Facebook likes show up for the query of  Facebook.From the gray bar you can also ask question to your friends without opening a new window. You can re-tweet your friends tweets directly from the gray bar.

The middle bar also called 'snapshot pane' has some cool features too. If you search for restaurants the snapshot pane will show you the prices of the dishes or the menu. The main work that the snapshot pane does is bring the data from the website directly to Bing, so now you can just read through the relevant data on bing itself. Though the feature isn't working right now it will get updated soon.

Linked In will also be integrated later on to show results in the gray bar.

After 3 years this redesign will be a major change in Bing. Google is still the major player when it comes to search engine queries accounting for about two thirds of all queries in US. With this change may be Bing will see some increase in usage.