Sunday, March 11, 2012

Avast 7.0 New features

Avast the anti-virus software has an update. The software has now been update to version 7.

It has some really good features.

1. Remote Assistance:-

Now you can call your friend to assist you through avast itself. This feature will let (on your permisiion) to access your computer thorugh avast 7. A code of 8 digits is generated which you can pass of to your friend. The friend can then use this code to access yur PC and help you out.

2. Cloud Services

With cloud integration now avast 7 can stream live virus definitions to the users. Also a reputation system has been created thorough which files will have a reputation. Avast can then report if your file has a negative reputation or a positive one, which will make the file safe to use.

3.Auto Sandbox

The Avast 6 had a sandbox. But Avast 7 has AutoSandbox which is supposed to automatically run non-trusted program in sanbox preventing them from damaging the computer.

There are few other noticaeble changes in the user-interface too.

Avast7 is available in three versions Free, Professional and Internet Security.

Download Avast7 from here.