Friday, March 9, 2012

Google to force developers to use Google Wallet.

In recent emails to developers on the Android Market (Google Play) Google has asked developers to use Google wallet as the default payment gateway. Android developers currently use a wide range of payment services such as Paypal and Boku.

Google payment gateway Google wallet has a costlier cut per transaction than rivals. Google  charges 30% per transaction which is more than networks like Paypal charge.

Google said this will simplify the process for the users. And with higher sales Google can offset the extra cost that it is currently charging.

Developers showed mixed reactions. Some said Google is using their position and promoting their brand while others said this will take the process closer to buy-in-one-click.

Google spokesman said that it was compulsory for developers to user authorized payment gateway according to the terms and conditions of Android Market now renamed to Google Play.

On of the major gaming network developer said that by creating on payment network for entire Google Play the conversion rates will improve. That is users who previously landed to the buying page and didn't buy the product due to confusing payment options will now buy the product.