Monday, March 12, 2012

1 Trillion Bits per Second: The IBM Holey-Optochip

IBM research team has come up with a new chip that can transfer a trillion bits per second. This will be 10000 times faster than your regular 100Mb/s Ethernet connection.

Oddly named Holey-Optochip has meaning to its name. The Chip contains holes or optical-vias and so the name holey-Optochip. It contains 48 holes in all, 24 receivers and 24 transmitter circuits.

IBM said it will not develop a product out of this chip yet, but would 'like if someone will license the technology in their product'.

IBM is going to showcase the chip at the Optical Fiber Communications Conference at Los Angeles.

The chip is also power effective using only 5 watts. It will be a boon to today's huge data-centers.