Sunday, March 11, 2012

4G to be available in India by 2013.

Kapil Sibal, Union minister said that they intended to auction the 4G spectrum by the end of 2012. After a recent meeting about spectrum the empowered Group of Ministers asked the Information and Broadcasting ministry to vacate the 700 MHz bandwidth for 4G use.

Earlier DoT had asked IB ministry to vacate the spectrum which led to the meeting.

The government has started process for the Wireless Broadband spectrum auctions. The first phase of the auction concluded in June 2010.

If 4G is auctioned by the end of 2012 services may start as soon as January 2013. Hardware makers are already launching 4G devices in the market. 4G will become pretty mainstream by the year end as companies like Samsung and Apple have launched 4G tablets and Phones which will make competitors to do the same.