Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Firefox 12: No UAC and 85 improvements to developer tools.

 Mozilla released Firefox12 and this time it was with one less prompt. There was no UAC prompt today when my Firefox automatically got updated to version 12. Though not totally invisible the update didn't require any human interaction. A completely silent updater will be the feature of Firefox 13. The reason why user will not see the UAC prompt during update to Firefox 12 is that Firefox uses a service to install itself. The service called 'MozillaMaintenance' has privileges to change system files and thus doesn't ask the user for permission.

Firefox 12 has many good surprises for developers.Firefox blog said in its post that the new Firefox has 85 improvements to the developer tools. One of the new features is the display of line numbers in the 'View Page Source' window. Scratchpad will now have a Jump to line function. Devlopers wont need to reload the page to see messages in the web console.

The download window of Firefox 12 has new feature. If you now paste a URL in the download window it will automatically download the file.

Firefox 12 has many security updates and big number of bug fixes. For a list of the changes visit the release notes page of Firefox.

You can download Firefox from its home page.