Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Amazon's Instant video gets 3000 Discovery Titles.

Amazon announced a deal with Discovery networks which will bring 3000 new titles to the Amazon Instant Video streaming service. Discovery network which is the network behind channels like Discovery, TLC Animal Planet is world leader in non-fiction entertainment. The will let Prime subscribers access to now total of 17000 videos.

Amazon prime subscribers will get access to all the titles with the some subscription of $79 per year. Prime subscribers also have other benefits like free two-day shipping on all products. Subscribers will also have access to discovery networks 25 years programming library.

Some of the popular shows such as Man vs Wild, MythBusters, Dirty jobs from discovery Channel will be available to users. From TLC shows like Yes to dress and Cake boss, while popular show How its Made will be available from Science channel.

Last month Amazon had signed up a deal with popular TV network Viacom. This two deals have boosted the number of videos add to its list. Now Instant video has 17000 streaming videos and 120,000 videos available for purchase.